Removal of hair using IPL works by targeting the melanin in the hair with quick pulses of light.

This light energy converts to heat within the follicle. When sufficient heat has built up, the follicle will break down and be unable to produce a new hair. This process is most effective in the ‘anagen’ phase of hair growth.

Approximately 30% of hairs are in this stage of growth at any one time, therefore, a course of treatments is required. Typically, 6-10 treatments is needed at intervals of 4-6 weeks to see long lasting results. Any hair re-growth you do have will be softer and finer than before so it’s very effective if you suffer from ingrown hairs.

Treatment Benefits

  • Medical CE certified for your treatment
  • No damage to your skin therefore no recovery time
  • Cooling handset means that it’s practically painless
  • Large areas can be covered quickly
  • Non-invasive
  • Customised to the individual to get the best possible results
  • Achieve permenant hair reduction

How it Works

Check out just how IPL technology works

  • For treatment of unwanted hair, IPL works by targeting the melanin (colour)  in the hair follicles with quick pulses of light.


  • The Light emitted by the IPL pulse is absorbed by the melanin in the hair, it heats up here with the follicle until the structure is broken down and is unable to produce a new hair.


  • Permanant hair reduction is achieved during the ‘anagen’ phase of hair growth. About 305 of hairs are in this stage of growth at any one time and this is why a course of treatments is required.

Before & After

Check out this gallery of images to show you what to expect from your treatments.

Treatments & Prices

A full consultation and patch is required prior to treatment.

Patch Test: £25.00 (redeemable against treatment)

Area                                       Single Treatment        Course of 6

Full Leg                                     £250.00                   £1250.00

1/2 Leg (lower) incl knees      £150.00                 £750.00

1/2 Leg (Upper)                      £150.00                   £750.00

Feet                                           £60.00                    £300.00

Toes                                          £60.00                    £300.00

Hollywood                                £130.00                 £650.00

Sta. Bikini                        from £70.00                   £350.00

Ext. Bikini                        from £80.00                   £400.00

Buttocks                          from £80.00                   £400.00

Back & Shoulder                      £230.00                 £1150.00

Shoulders                                 £105.00                 £525.00

Back Wax                                  £185.00                   £925.00

Chest                                         £120.00                   £600.00

Abdomen                                  £120.00                    £600.00

IPL Permanent Hair Reduction

Underarm                                  £70.00                      £350.00

Forearm                                     £99.00                     £495.00

Full Arm                                     £150.00                   £750.00

Nipples                                       £55.00                     £275.00

Lip                                               £40.00                     £200.00

Chin                                            £45.00                     £225.00

Lip & Chin                                   £65.00                    £325.00

Between Brows                          £35.00                    £175.00

Cheeks                                        £60.00                    £300.00

Full Face **                        from £100.00                   £500.00